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About PvP in Diablo 3 on Reddit

Written by: Mag | Date: 2012-06-08 10:34:44 | Related to: Diablo 3 PvP

Not much we could learn from the statements of Blizzard's employees, granted under the "Ask me about" on Reddit about PvP in Diablo 3. It seems that Blizzard is not working on PvP, and their approach to the subject is far too indifferent.

Are you guys planning on open-world PvP, such as dueling? Or are you guys limiting the PvP element to just arena PvP? Thanks.
"No, not currently. We're only supporting arena with the PVP patch. We may support dueling at some point. One thing at a time. :)"

How happy are you with the progress on the PvP 1.1 patch? Are things looking good?
"PVP is pretty fun, so very happy. :)"

In short nothing new we have learned. Hopefully more information will be revealed, the closer will be to patch 1.1.


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