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Angrenost Realm

Angrenost Realm – established in January 2002 – was the first private Diablo 2 server (working in similar way as Closed Batte.Net) in Poland. Angrenost was a response to the wave of duped and hacked items at CBN. Morandir and Taliesin were founders of the server. Originally Angrenost was a PvM server, however in November 2003 its nature was changed to PvP realm, due to Archibalds initiative. Angrenost PvP was oriented only at PvP duels, providing necessary items and 99 lvl characters to all registered users. In the beginning server was providing only 1.09 realm at Pol-PvP Center rules (which was heritage after Diablo 2 Clan League), however later administrators opened 1.10+ realms using both Polish Clan League and Euro-PvP rules.

Angrenost Realm dominated the PvP scene in Poland. Highest tournament level accompanied by the overwhelming attendance shown that every individual who wanted to be challenged in PvP had to try his best at AR. Angrenost administrators supported fair dueling which lead to running the server-side anticheat software as a module to existing D2Warden, later – to improve the systems – Diablo 2 files were modified additionally on the client-side. Angrenost was the only place that provided dueling free of unfair advantage. This encouraged many players from Battle.Net to register at Angrenost and play without the doubts about their opponents’ honesty. Anticheat was not the only improvement AR provided, the modification that allowed 5v5 matches was unique among other severs as well, sharing characters and using predefined builds spared the unnecessary time between the fights.

Angrenost came back its roots in May 2011 when the PvM server was run. As always when it comes to Angrenost, this was huge technological innovation, as 16 players could be in a game at the same time. For the purposes of PvM project there was innovatory solution which allowed to transfer the realm currency – called AR Gold – in-game or through website protocol. Unfortunately players didn’t really appreciate this idea of PvM realm and the project was eventually abandoned.

During the 9,5 years of realm existence there were around 5 thousands players that ever visited Angrenost. Hundreds of tournaments were played and several PvP seasons were organized at various patches. The technological standards that Angrenost was setting and the high level competition caused that AR for many years was way ahead of its competitors. Maybe Angrenost will be revived once at Diablo 3...

Just before Diablo 3 release, Angrenost Realm has hosted unique 22 vs 22 tournament. There were 44 players in one game! Such a major modifications were available only on AR. You can watch it below.

AR PvP administrators: Mr.Mag, Hamer, Rogh, Wimt, Lord, Tyrael, Raditz, Loled, Archibald, Balu, Gruby, Fila, Rootek, Matek, Inter. We also appreciate the help received from Soft, Machu and many, many others who were actively involved in AR life.

AR website: http://realm.angrenost.org

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