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List od Diablo 3 clans

Below you can find a list of Diablo 3 clans registered on our website. All descriptions are an opinion of persons who have registered their clans and they have nothing to do with D3CL.COM editors. If you want to add your clan to the list, fill a form underneath it.

.:187:., 666, 686 Guards, All Created Equal, all Stars, Beneath The Shadows, Booterang, Brokenrunners, Circle of Power, CLAN_MC, Crakintos, Deathrow, Durty, Eternal Exile, Eternal Exile, Greek Phalanx, GreySoul, H3FT, Hack, Slash, Repeat, Hack, Slash, Repeat, Hordes of Chaos, Hot n Mild, N.O.R.D, Old School, Outer Heaven, OVERBURDENED , Punchers, Resurgence, Saint Guardians, Serbia, Seventh Sigil, Soldiers of Doom, Sons of Anarchy, TAG, Task Force 2, The Blood Angels, The dark Elements, Two Wicked Warriors, Ubgeruild, Vortex-Austria, Win You Pritty East, Xanious, Xpk, zero Requiem, Zonation

Clan name.:187:.
Clan Tag187
Found date2013-09-09
Website addresshttp://www.facebook.com/groups/708473712512633/
Forum address
DescriptionPrimarily a Low Lvl Dueling group, although ANY Lvl Dueler may apply, very active, strong, and very Lethal! APPLY NOW! Doses#1601

Clan name666
Clan Tag666
Found date2013-01-14
Website address
Forum address
Description666 was created by ssurfer in Quake Live and it is still most active

Clan name686 Guards
Clan TagGDS
Found date2012-05-17
Website address
Forum address
Descriptionjust a group of friends playing together. have fun and enjoy the game

Clan nameAll Created Equal
Clan TagACE
Found date2012-06-08
Website addresshttp://ace-diablo3.marzar.net/community.aspx
Forum addresshttp://ace-diablo3.marzar.net/Discussions.aspx
ChiefsAkavir, Kleos
DescriptionAll Created Equal is a Diablo 3 Clan that utilizes team work and community to create an effective competitive atmosphere, and progress through the game as well as excelling at PVP. We have a primary focus on future PVP. At the moment, we are currently obtaining gear and currency in both softcore and hardcore realms. ACE is based off the North America server, and is looking for new members who want to become part of the ACE society.

Clan nameall Stars
Clan TagaSs
Found date2013-02-01
Website address
Forum address
DescriptionOne Shot One Kill, No Luck, Just Skill :)

Clan nameBeneath The Shadows
Clan Tag[BTS]
Found date2012-05-15
Website addresshttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Beneath-The-Shadows/
Forum address
DescriptionA fun group of people who love to play Diablo 3. Right now we are only recruiting for American servers, but we have plans to expand in the future. We have ventrilo servers and are currently working on a formal website. Invite your friends, meet new friends, trade items with your clan buddies, feel free to email me directly xXGreatnessXx@gmail.com

Clan nameBooterang
Clan TagBtg
Found date2008-04-20
Website addresshttp://www.booterang-eu.com
Forum address
ChiefsCan be found on webpage
DescriptionWe are a gaming community wich is founded and started in WoW, mid 2008 "Booterang" got created on "EU Magtheridon". We stayed a long while there and took a free character transfer to "EU Boulderfist" at that time Maggy was dying. We stayed on "EU Boulderfist" until february 2012 and paid character transferred to "EU Stormscale", wich is also stil our current home.  Finally we are growing in all our classics and having a strong background of d3 players that also came from d2. We just want to have fun and compete regards!

Clan nameBrokenrunners
Clan TagBKS
Found date1998-09-22
Website addresshttp://www.brokenrunners.com
Forum addresshttp://www.brokenrunners.com/forum
Descriptionhat is brokenrunners ? We are a fun community built around teamwork, integrity and most importantly respect. Through these interactions, we hope to give our members a sense of belonging, while working together as a guild. We believe that in doing so, we are helping these members to achieve their highest potential in game. Our members are committed volunteers that provide support to anyone who wish to join. We house anywhere from very casual gamers all the way up to hardcore gamers and our success will be measured not by the number of members the clan has, but by creating a tight community of gamers built around our core values.

Clan nameCircle of Power
Clan TagCoP
Found date2014-04-07
Website address
Forum address
DescriptionDanish Clan

Clan nameCLAN_MC
Clan TagMc
Found date2002-12-12
Website addresshttp://www.Clan-Mc.it
Forum addresshttp://www.Clan-Mc.it
DescriptionBuongiorno a tutti ragazzi, sono fondatore, Leader del Clan Mc Fondato nel lontano 2002 da Teo e Mirra. Nel Nostro Clan contiamo circa 30 utenti di cui 18 all'attivo 24H su 24,Ci siamo specializzati nei tornei e duels,Rush e find. Recentemente abbiamo acquisito altri 2 membri molto potenti e abili,con loro abbiamo chiuso la nostra rosa di player per ogni evento. Con l'uscita di diablo 3 non saremo a meno, punteremo subito ad avere equipp di altissimo livello per fronteggiare appena possibile i clan avversari. Il Clan Mc e fondato su sani principi che portiamo avanti da 10 anni ormai, -Serietà-Lealtà-Onestà Veniteci a trovare, solo x fare 4 chiacchiere,oppure organizzare qlc sul vecchio d2 ( intanto che aspettiamo che aprano le arene pvp ) www.clan-mc.it Contatti x tornei o duels: Teo_Mc GoodLook

Clan nameCrakintos
Clan TagCrak
Found date0000-00-00
Website address
Forum address
Descriptionthis is a brand new ENGLISH SPEAKING ONLY clan to join, message me on skype: dylone2009

Clan nameDeathrow
Clan TagDtR
Found date2005-04-03
Website addresshttp://deathrowgr.wix.com/
Forum address
DescriptionDeathrow was founded in 2005 as World of warcraft Guild at EU Ravencrest server by Four Friends Uchika - Skets - Kujah and Grifos in Greece. The Guild was well Knowed for its activity at battlegrounds and the High rated teams! Ever since Deathrow members started playing more and different games with clans/guilds/teams at Starwars the old republic,World of warcraft,Bloodline champions,League of Legends,starcraft2,Legend of the 5 rings,Brawl Busters,Guild wars2 and that lead to form a small community of players that played together and became friends. Most of the team existed Before wow But with different Names. Now at 2013 it is true that Deathrow is not the Hardcore gaming clan that once was and became more Casual as most of our members passed the 25th year but we still love playing and of course we are still gamers.

Clan nameDurty
Clan TagDurty
Found date2013-03-17
Website addresshttp://www.facebook.com/ClanDurty
Forum address
DescriptionDurty cover Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Call Of Duty Black Ops, MW3, Black Ops 2, Minecraft, and Fable 3. Www.YouTube.com/ClanDurty www.facebook.com/ClanDurty We look forward to playing with everyone. GG!

Clan nameEternal Exile
Clan TagEE
Found date2012-04-29
Website addresshttp://www.diablosanctuary.com
Forum addresshttp://www.diablosanctuary.com/forums/index.php
ChiefsHarvester, Gekindo
DescriptionEternal Exile is a Diablo III clan based out of Diablo Sanctuary. We are striving to be a great Diablo III Community to help Diablo fans find their real meaning. We provide a high level of service unlike no other. Free items, Rushing, Wonderful atmosphere, Great teammates, Tournaments, Giveaways, Streaming coverage, Build coverage, and more! Although there are no actual clans implemented in Diablo III, We plan to become the alpha dog, To rise above the rest, To achieve our goals not alone, but together as a team. We do plan on being very competitive in Player vs. Player and well as Player vs. Monster. We are currently open recruiting. This could change in the future.

Clan nameEternal Exile
Clan TagEE
Found date2012-04-29
Website addresshttp://www.diablosanctuary.com
Forum address
ChiefsHarvester, Gekindo
DescriptionEternal Exile is a Diablo III clan based out of Diablo Sanctuary. We are striving to be a great Diablo III Community to help Diablo fans find their real meaning. We provide a high level of service unlike no other. Free items, Rushing, Wonderful atmosphere, Great teammates, Tournaments, Giveaways, Streaming coverage, Build coverage, and more! Although there are no actual clans implemented in Diablo III, We plan to become the alpha dog, To rise above the rest, To achieve our goals not alone, but together as a team. We do plan on being very competitive in Player vs. Player and well as Player vs. Monster. We are currently open recruiting. This could change in the future.

Clan nameGreek Phalanx
Clan TagGreek
Found date2014-05-10
Website address
Forum address
DescriptionWe are looking for Geek members for full online game

Clan nameGreySoul
Clan TagGS
Found date1998-04-03
Website addresshttp://www.greysoul.gs
Forum addresshttp://www.greysoul.gs/forum
ChiefsExile, GenericBrand, Belastran, Balcloth
DescriptionA Diablo 2 clan from way back in 1998. GreySoul is a clan based on balance and community.

Clan nameH3FT
Clan TagH3FT
Found date2013-04-09
Website addresshttp://www.facebook.com/pages/H3FT-Clan/306296329
Forum address
DescriptionWir sind eine Deutscher/Schweizer Clan wo Spass beim zocken haben will . Wir wollen zusammen farmen und leveln. Wie spielen auch andere spiele. Bei fragen , einfach auf Facebook Posten. :D

Clan nameHack, Slash, Repeat
Clan TagHSR
Found date2012-02-01
Website addresshttp://www.HackSlashRepeat.com
Forum addresshttp://www.HackSlashRepeat.com/forums
ChiefsGreg, lovelytroubledvoices
DescriptionAccepting all mature players from all over the world. For more details and to apply please visit our website.

Clan nameHack, Slash, Repeat
Clan TagHSR
Found date2012-01-24
Website addresshttp://www.HackSlashRepeat.com
Forum addresshttp://www.HackSlashRepeat.com/forum/
DescriptionMain website: www.HackSlashRepeat.com FAQ: http://www.hackslashrepeat.com/threads/hsr-diablo-3-chapter-faq.413/ Guild/clan forums: http://www.hackslashrepeat.com/forums/diablo-3-chapter.287/ How to apply: http://www.hackslashrepeat.com/threads/how-to-apply.610/ Group questing, item finding, PvP, PvE, Softcore and Hardcore.. We do it all! Veterans to newbies of all levels, ages and backgrounds (countries) welcome. Hack, Slash, Repeat is an Action RPG Community with a number of guild "Chapters" for various popular ARPG games. Come and join our great community!

Clan nameHordes of Chaos
Clan TagHoC
Found date2008-06-30
Website address
Forum addresshttp://www.forum.hoc.cba.pl
DescriptionA Polish Clan created by 4 nice ppl (Freon, Kret, Viking, and 1 woman - Patty), the main goal of our clan was to enjoy together. There were unforgettable moments, a long hours spent together while making some funny duels, UTE, or baalruns. Before a year has passed we made a few small steps into ePvP duels, but we changed our mind to follow with Polish Clan League rules - definatelly it was worth it! This was a big challange, to play against so good players, but I think that our trainings was effective, sometimes we didnt sleep a long hours (thanks to Angrenost Realm and Battle Net) I am proud that I can lead this clan, we are now open also for external players, not only from Poland We want to do it again! follow with our passion! rise at the D3CL scene!!!

Clan nameHot n Mild
Clan TagHnM
Found date2013-04-03
Website address
Forum address
ChiefsOnimusha, Kemo
DescriptionHistory: Keen minded players that are trying to get top pvp level. We played d2 since 2000 and now we are back in d3 to kick some ass. Objectives: Become a small comunity of friends whos major interest is pvp. Have a good time playing and make new friends to play this joyfull game.

Clan nameN.O.R.D
Clan TagNORD
Found date2013-03-01
Website address
Forum address
Chiefsrudi232, panczek98
DescriptionClan for people that are just starting, and have fun with PVP, all players that want to play with us are welcome, we will play, from zero to hero to be at top soon.

Clan nameOld School
Clan TagOldS
Found date2013-03-27
Website address
Forum address
DescriptionGroup of players who want to enjoy the game. To join, message me on skype: Oleg3199

Clan nameOuter Heaven
Clan TagOH
Found date2012-05-21
Website addresshttp://theouterheaven.co.cc
Forum addresshttp://theouterheaven.co.cc/forum
ChiefsVergil, Piaskun85
DescriptionKlan Outer Heaven to multigamingowy klan, który powstał w 2012 roku i został powołany z myślą o zespołowym graniu for fun. Rekrutujemy wszystkich chętnych w wieku 18-100, którzy chcieliby zrelaksować się po szkole, pracy, obowiązkach domowych w miłym towarzystwie. Gramy w gry przeznaczone na PC i konsole, zarówno w nowsze jak i starsze tytuły. Tytuły gier w które gramy obecnie: - Diablo 3, - Battlefield 3, - SWAT 4, - Age Of Conan i wiele innych. Wymagania: - wiek 18+ - kultura osobista - humor - zainstalowany TS - sprawny mikrofon i słuchawki - dystans do grania - doświadczenie klanowe nie jest wymagane - zapał do gry for fun! Oferujemy: - dobrą zabawę - miłą atmosferę - forum - pomoc - granie w gry pc oraz na konsole Chcesz pomóc tworzyć nam nasz nowy klan? Zapraszamy do rejestracji na naszym forum! Kontakt gg: Vergil: 21061410 Piaskun85: 7357386

Clan TagOB
Found date2012-05-14
Website address
Forum address
DescriptionHey gamers, we are three colluegues who recently got together to create a functional idea of how to manage a D3 clan. We want to make an international clan together with equally witted nerds to help eachother in this evil quarrel. We have an alternate MULE- account to gather as many items as possible as soon as possible. The most imortant plan is that clan members always can get items through us from the MULE- account and so have a wast collection to choose from if you don't know what to do with your OVERBURDENED items storage... We would simply said trade from it and make an even bigger storage for your new character later on. The idea is to give some to get some. In the end we all just want to vanquish evil... So let's have fun together by dealing max damage... EVIL IS BACK and so are WE MUAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!

Clan namePunchers
Clan TagPS
Found date2013-02-26
Website address
Forum address
DescriptionFun with friends is our motto. After long gaming with my friens I decided to try my strenght in pvp league. This Clan is created for people who try to be the best and also like to have a lot of fun in d3 game.

Clan nameResurgence
Clan TagReS
Found date2010-04-20
Website address
Forum address
ChiefsStryfe, Koinzell, Oddo, Mischif
DescriptionResurgence is a large gaming community that has traveled from game to game with a multitude of members. Having 8 members in Diablo 3 to 670 in Aion and 400 in SW:ToR. We have always been a relaxed social community with a focus on end game and the betterment of other players. We do have a website and our own forums, however those are only given out to members of Resurgence when they have been hand picked. Doing this has kept our community to what it is, like minded individuals with the aspiration to continue to be the best.

Clan nameSaint Guardians
Clan TagSG
Found date2008-12-20
Website addresshttp://saintguardians.cba.pl
Forum addresshttp://forum.d3cl.com/index.php/board,63.0.html
ChiefsZales, Aiden (Allmah), Talic, Babinicz
DescriptionSG clan created in winter 2008-2009, on polish private realm Forteca, played also on Twierdza, Valhalla, DoT, AR. Today last d2 players from our clan playing on Jama Mroku. We are no stress and friendly clan. ;-) The evil is back, so SGwarriors must go on duty ;-)

Clan nameSerbia
Clan TagSRB
Found date2014-02-24
Website address
Forum address
Descriptionnajbolji i trenutno najveci Srpski guild, dodjite da se zezamo,druzimo a i da igramo zajedno! best and currently biggest Serbian guild, join us and hang out,socialize and play with us! all who love Serbs are very welcome. special greetings from Serbia to Poland and Greece

Clan nameSeventh Sigil
Clan Tag[7S]
Found date2013-02-07
Website address
Forum address
ChiefsxxPKUxx, Luna, Braeden
DescriptionWe are a group of D2 vets who are new to the D3 PVP scene. We know our way around MOGs, and can discern the wheat from the chaff. Speak to us to find out more.

Clan nameSoldiers of Doom
Clan TagSoD
Found date1998-05-23
Website addresshttp://sodklan.mdes.pl
Forum addresshttp://forum.d3cl.com/index.php/board,5.0.html
DescriptionClan with traditions, established on 23th of May, 1998. Since October 13th 2002 SoD was divided on SoD and WS fractions. For Diablo 3 we are uniting and fighting under old mark! Both teams during past years have won many clan wars and tournaments. On Battle.net we were active till 1.10 patch release, then we have transferred on private PvP realm – Angrenost. We’ve been playing there mostly on 1.09 patch, with few 1.10 episodes. More details, including huge part of Battle.net history, you will find on our website (only in polish atm).

Clan nameSons of Anarchy
Clan TagSOA
Found date2013-03-10
Website address
Forum address
DescriptionWe are the Sons and Daughters of organized disaster. Join us on our conquest to shatter Sanctuary and establish a NWO

Clan nameTAG
Clan TagTAG
Found date2012-05-21
Website address
Forum address
ChiefsRichard Evans/Alex G
DescriptionThales Active Gamers Private group

Clan nameTask Force 2
Clan TagTF2
Found date2011-07-01
Website addresshttp://www.tf2clan.co.uk
Forum addresshttp://www.tf2clan.co.uk/forums
DescriptionTask Force 2 is a social gaming community, we play several games but there will be a great emphasis on Diablo 3

Clan nameThe Blood Angels
Clan TagTBA
Found date1997-01-01
Website addresshttp://thebloodangels.altervista.org/
Forum addresshttp://tbaclan.enjin.com/home
ChiefsLuca-TBA, kriptony-TBA
DescriptionThe Blood Angels -GENESIS- This story began long time ago. A time when the line between good and evil was not well defined: it was a time of global confusion, where Angels and Demons were not antagonistic. One day, something totally unexpected happened. The Demons wanted to dominate the human race and began a ruthless war against anyone who tried to oppose their will. The Angels, who were the only ones with powers comparable to those of the Demons, initially did nothing, they stood on the sidelines: the Demons did not have it with them, they wanted to dominate just the humans. This was the mistake committed by the angels, that is, not siding immediately obstructing the Demons and leaving them the space and freedom to act undisturbed against a people who did not have the means to go against their attackers. In doing so the Demons expanded enormously in power and the land soon fell into their power. The Angels found this unfair, both for men and for themselves: the land dominated by Demons in fact began to raise freedom even to the angels, who were not even at war, were no longer able to choose what to do without having the ' approval of the Demons. And as soon as they tried to discuss with the now undisputed lords of the earth, which in the meantime had proliferated and became numerically at least twice the Angels, the only answer was that if they did not cooperate, becoming their slaves, they would have been exterminated their how they were going short with humans. Logically, the Angels will not stood the demonic and the war was declared. The fate of the Angels, however, seemed now marked, the Demons were too many and too powerful to be thwarted, and humans certainly could not be helped. Soon Angels succumbed and Demons were the only undisputed masters of the earth. Not happy then decided to exterminate all the Angels remained because they could always be a threat, unlike the men who were not a problem for their rulers. The massacre of the Angels began and in a few years they disappeared almost completely from circulation. In a few remained alive and even before to die, having no other choice, angels kidnapped human women and fertilized them. The first baby to be born, then the result of the union between angels and humans, was the first of the Blood Angels, a race of beings half man half angel with extraordinary strength and with the sole purpose of destroying the Demons. He is remembered as TheBloodAngel. The Blood Angels were good, in the sense that fighting evil was their only purpose. The destruction of demons for them was so important that even deleting them would be willing to sacrifice many lives and to rivers of blood.

Clan nameThe dark Elements
Clan TagTdE
Found date2002-02-01
Website address
Forum address
ChiefsKika - xen0n
DescriptionSince D1 and D2 we are always around. Team with madskills. Going to play hard and own Bnet.

Clan nameTwo Wicked Warriors
Clan Tag2vV
Found date2002-01-01
Website addresshttp://www.2vVGaming.com
Forum addresshttp://www.2vVGaming.com/forums
ChiefsHistoric, Ares
Description2vV Gaming is a highly active diablo 3 clan with monthly events that range from races to pvp brackets.

Clan nameUbgeruild
Clan TagUG
Found date2008-01-21
Website addresshttp://uberguild.mmochief.com
Forum addresshttp://http://uberguild.mmochief.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=3
ChiefsShaolinmonk, Herbzman.
Description"UberGuild- A highly specialized Guild' formed by the most dedicated players, for the purpose of defeating a game's most difficult encounters and securing for its members all the newest and most powerful abilities and loot!"

Clan nameVortex-Austria
Clan TagVAUT
Found date2013-11-14
Website addresshttp://vortexaustria.clan.to/
Forum addresshttp://vortexaustria.clan.to/
DescriptionHallo und Willkommen! Wir sind ein Multi-Gaming Clan, der sich derzeit im Aufbau befindet! Unser Clan wurde am 14.11.13 gegründet und sind daher noch sehr jung :) Zurzeit spielen wir Battlefield 4 und Diablo 3. Wir suchen nette Leute die Spaß am Spiel haben und gern als Team zusammenarbeiten! Aber das Wichtigste für uns ist das Miteinander. Ihr müsst nicht die Progamer von nebenan sein. Hauptsache ihr habt Spaß mit uns. Durch die Mitgliedschaft entstehen keine Kosten, da alles von den Gründern bezahlt wird. Was erwarten wir?: - Mindestalter 18 Jahre - Teamwork - Aktivität (bevorzugt am Wochenende), sowie im Forum. - Respekt und Toleranz der anderen Member und deren Real Life Was wir bieten: - ein freundliches Umfeld - eigenen Ts3 Server - Battlefield 4 Clan Server - eigen Homepage

Clan nameWin You Pritty East
Clan TagWYPE
Found date2006-01-01
Website address
Forum address
Chiefssaesa, Bibuk
DescriptionOriginally 1.09 clan was founded somewhere in early 2006 on Blutmoor.de private realm. It was a small group of guys who desired to OWN 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 ladder. First members were Blackman, raph, saesa, Impala, Bloody, later introduced pro-, gHost, Kauti, T1m, Dion and so on. Arguably most powerful 1.09 clan ever made on blutmoor, unmatched in 4v4 and widely regarded as the strongest magerush team. At present we are preparing for Diablo 3 and trying to bring up some of best players back to rule scene again.

Clan nameXanious
Clan TagXan
Found date2001-06-13
Website addresshttp://xanious.com
Forum addresshttp://xanious.com/boards
DescriptionWas my clan back when D2 was the game of choice, now that D3 is about to commence it's time to get back in action, give me a couple days will have the website up and running, haven't had the time to mess with it yet. I don't care how you play, the important thing is how you treat others, if you wish to join drop on by and register, then apply for membership in the board.

Clan nameXpk
Clan TagXpk
Found date1998-01-01
Website address
Forum address
ChiefsAnsi, Haldon
DescriptionXpk originated in Quake II, but transferred to USEast and European Diablo II-servers when the servers opened in 2000. To this day the clan primarily exists in Diablo II classic, although it has also functioned under a different name as a guild in World of Warcraft with modest succes.

Xpk is a small and social clan with focus on acquiring unique and resourceful players. The clan also emphasize a great reputation and values cooperation highly.

Xpk members has never been required to use the tag in their names.

Clan namezero Requiem
Clan TagzR
Found date2009-06-30
Website address
Forum address
ChiefsIlya, Stef
DescriptionClan was created after utterly humiliating and destroying Xpk clan boards and ruining their worthless trash community. Consisting of union of the 2 best players on diablo2 europe classic realm. Now we are waiting for diablo III to humiliate more worthless people and destroy their dreams.

Clan nameZonation
Clan Tagzonat
Found date1998-12-31
Website address
Forum address
ChiefsBev ozzi@1991 Noah, tony, Alex, mikey, levi
DescriptionLooking forward to playing with some of our old friends..hit us up!

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