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Diablo 2 Clan League

Diablo 2 Clan League was founded in the second half of 2001, the first league edition was announced in November, same year. D2CL for years was undoubtedly the biggest project oriented on organizing clan tournaments. Moreover it was the first PvP organization in Europe that was lead in professional way. On various D2 portals players were discussing whether D2CL can succeed and how it may affect the Polish PvP scene.

Karczma D2 – website created by the official Diablo 2 distributor in Poland – also added the information about D2CL:

“On the behalf of D2CL I have the pleasure to invite you to visit the website http://d2cl.angrenost.org which is the main point of information about new project on Polish Battle.Net scene called Diablo 2 Clean League. D2CL associates clans playing on Europe Closed Battle.Net, and the purpose for existence of their league is to determine which team is the best among Polish (although we expect foreign participants as well) clans.”

D2CL tournaments were played in 3v3 formula. Along with the start of the league the official duels rules were created. This rules set was the basis of many Polish associations that came after D2CL, particularly: Pol-PvP Center, Angrenost Realm and PCL. D2CL PvP rules were used at Angrenost Realm 1.09 throughout the realm existence – only minor changes were applied. The main administrators of D2CL were Marian and Soft, nevertheless the list of those who assisted in organizing and judging tournaments was countless.

D2CL first edition was ended prematurely due to the mass dupe period on Europe CBN. Organizators decided to stop the tournament until the situation on the realm would settle down.

Second D2CL edition started in May 2002. 49 teams consisted of 153 players participated in the league. Mass-dupe period was not the case that time, however there were other controversies in the finale. Final match between SoD-2 and NOT was officially ruled no contest, however both of the teams regarded themselves as victorious ;). ZKC-1 took the third place.

Third and unfortunately the last edition of D2CL was announced in November 2002. This time again the list of participants was long, 46 teams signed up to fight for the final victory. On that occasion no one had doubts about scores, FC-1 won the tournament, HW-1 came second and SoD-1 third.

D2CL IV was planned to be organized at Angrenost Realm PvP, but the idea was never realized due to the server stability issues at that time.

Clan league was not the only project that D2CL was working on. BoS (Best of Seven) tournament – organized by Durand – identified the best players among each class. Duels were played in 1v1 formula, so called mirrors. Unfortunately in our databases there are only results of the last BoS edition. However this was the largest in terms of number of participants, 206 players (as always the Amazon tournament had the greatest interest). It should be noted that each participant had to pay fee of 1 SOJ (prizes for winners) that’s why the number of participants is even more impressive.

12 Lvl Team League was organized by group of people connected with D2CL organization – Ozzy, Fila and Nadi. Unfortunately players didn’t appreciate this formula and tournament was ended prematurely.

If you would like to learn more about the D2CL history I urge you to visit http://realm.angrenost.org/d2cl/index.php - there you can find detailed tournaments results, league rules and much more.

D2CL administrators and judges: Marian, Soft, Durand, Ozzy, Fila, Nadi, Gryzelda, Fumik, Nega, Maruader, Maxman, Minion, Bishop, Andreus, Mutarito, Siro, Yiga, Clone, Mqb, Kowal, Neptun, Rieb, Masters, Puszek, Dragon, Skawa, Borys, Ares, Markus, Darius, Ssj, Trigger, Dany, Blink, Krytyk, Mario, Pitor, Angus.

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