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Pol-PvP Center

Pol-PvP Center was founded between spring and summer 2003. Players felt the lack of proper PvP organization after last D2CL edition.

There was no place where best out of Polish PvP players could meet, talk and fight. To match those needs, Soft and Mutarito started new initiative called Pol-PvP Center. Sometime later Big also became one of the league admins. PPC organized just a few tournaments before the crucial event – release of patch 1.10 (October 2003) . Many players came back to play at the BN, however those who were the essence of PPC, stopped playing at BN after just a few weeks when they realized, that 1.10 is not what they expected. Fortunately Angrenost Realm (http://realm.angrenost.org ) was created (actually changed from PvM to PVP realm), oriented on 1.09 PvP. Pol-PvP started to operate at Angrenost as many of people associated with them found their place at AR.

Pol-PvP organized many tournmanets at Angrenost which gathered many of the old players, some clans were reactivated and had their second youth. Later there were also Diablo 2 Classic tournaments lead by PPC. Unfortunately in September 2004 Angrenost lost its main Game Server and struggled to run as smoothly as in the past. PPC was planning to organize fourth edition of D2CL in October 2004 but after Angrenost was shut down (only temporary) this idea was never realized. Significant part of PPC community stopped playing D2 and only some part of them came back to play at 1.10 BN. Few weeks later Pol-PvP was reactivated at Battle.Net but only as a channel to meet with their friends, no tournaments were organized at BN by PPC. Angrenost started to operate again somewhere in December 2004 when new Game Server was plugged. It seemed that everything is going in the proper direction, however higher pings were significant obstacle for some of the players, some stopped playing Diablo 2 at all when the first GS in October was shut down. Pol-PvP restrained its activity at AR, tournaments were organized by other players.

PPC had its second reactivation at 1.10 CBN in the beginning of spring 2005. Channel bot was present at op pol-pvp once again. First tournament (2v2) was organized in late April. After the following 3v3 tournament PPC stopped operating once more. Players came back to play at Angrenost, which was running smoothly again. Those who stayed at Battle.Net were active in Polish Clan League, staying with the organization for many years. Despite high hopes, it was the end of PPC we knew. However people who were around when the league was created are coming back to the arena once more and are willing to shed the blood, this time as Diablo 3 Clan League community.

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