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If you would like to discuss any issue connected with D3CL, you can most likely find an answer in our forums by posting within the appropriate category. However, you can still contact our team directly should you need to:

Website content: MrMag – mr.mag [at] wsklan.org, RoGH – roghacz [at] gmail.com, Pat – mail, Spirals – mail

Forums (technical matters): Fen – fc.fenik [at] gmail.com, Ajantis - ajantis [at] war-masters.org, Pat – mail

Cooperation and advertisement: Spirals – mail, RoGH – roghacz [at] gmail.com

They are so called „first contact persons”. D3CL staff is much bigger, but exact tasks will be set after PvP League will be launched. We hope that it will happen as soon as possible.