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Written by: RoGH | Date: 2012-04-25 23:32:00 | Related to: Clan news

This is a first of whole series of texts about the situation with the ‘Diablo 3’ clans. They will be published periodically, depending on activeness of the clan scene. First news will only contain information about polish clans (some of them have foreign members as well), because we haven't recieved any info regarding other countries clans' situation and their plans for upcoming Diablo 3 release (if your clan is coming back for D3, give us a tip!)

We should start from clans, which are coming back after years of absence on ‘Diablo’ scene with the forthcoming ‘Diablo 3’. ‘Najemnicy z Ognistej Twierdzy’ - “Mercenaries of the Fiery Fortress” clan had already come to our forums and launched their website: http://notklan.org. The same goes for such old-school clans like ZA - ‘Zakon Angrenost” - “Order of Angrenost” , BAD – ‘Black Angels of Death’ and TT – ‘Twierdza Templariuszy’ – “Templar Keep”. All of them, after years in stasis, are now ready to fight.

KoS – ‘Knights of Salvation’ ( http://kos.net.pl/ ) clan is also coming back, but as far as I know, they still were active in ‘Diablo 1’, so it’s hard to speak about hibernation.

After a long time we finally heard from MS - ‘Magic & Sword’, and soon they will be ready to rumble, just after they're done with regrouping on a new clan forum.

Clans not very active in the last years like: BL – ‘Banda Łobuzów’ – ‘”Band of Rascals”, GoTH - ‘Guardians of The Heavens’ or WM - ‘War Masters are also closing their ranks; WM already have a brand new clan page at http://www.war-masters.org.

Known from Angrenost Realm and pol-hc, the UTF - ‘United Tasks Forces is also prepared, same as HW - ‘Hell Warriors' with refreshed website for D3 at http://hellwarriors.com , but they are not excluding castlings due to some issues with part of old HW members.

Still living the AZM - ‘Servants of Azmodan’ ( http:/azmklan.org/ ) is also checking in on the launch of ‘Diablo 3’, together with the even older SoD - Soldiers of Doom ( http://sodklan.mdes.pl/ ); it’s worth mentioning at this point, that SoD is finally working together, because their faction WS - ‘Woda SoDowa’ – “Soda Water”, which was the only active part of the old SoD, decided to come back to the old name, bringing back all former members from both the WS and SoD.

Many clans known from the Polish Clan League and Angrenost Realm are also stating combat readiness: GoD - ‘Guardians of Darkness’, HC - Hell Coalition’, BD -‘Banda Drombo’ – “Drombo’s Band”, SoGT – ‘Slayers of the Great Trinity’ and last but not least, NF - ‘No Fear’.

Moreover, we are aware of the increased activity of clans connected with other private ‘Diablo 2’ realms in the old days like SG - ‘Saint Guards’, cRee –‘ cRazy eighty eight’ and WH - ‘Wind Hunters’( http://whclan.eu// ).

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