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Team Speak server on D3CL

Written by: Hose | Date: 2012-05-14 10:13:23 | Related to: D3CL General

Dear users!

It is a great honour to announce that there has recently been launched our private Team Speak 3 server for the sake of in-game communication improvement among players. Our humble D3CL team cherishes the hope that this software doesn’t have to be set out in greater details.

TS server address: ts.d3cl.com.

We encourage you to use this software as frequent as it is possible both while playing or having a rest doing other stuff to which you have been used to!


B4ST4RD 2012-05-14 12:48
Nice, thx d3cl.
Could you possibly create some more channels?
Mr.Mag 2012-05-14 12:50
yea, we'll do it today
Vik 2012-05-14 18:00
is it active?
Vik 2012-05-14 18:29
nvm :D
J 2012-05-14 20:59

FeN 2012-05-16 17:15
if any group from our community need a channel, let me pm with detials, i can create :)

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